Here’s why…every bride-to-be needs to Rent the Runway

So you’re engaged! Congrats! You are about to enter a new world filled with events in your honor where you will be photographed to the point of exhaustion and every pic counts!  This also means avoiding being snapped in the same outfit more than once and making sure you are forever stylishly etched in the memory of all your friends, followers and snap chatters--you catch my drift. You barely have time to plan for all these events let alone shop for the complete looks you need.  But it must be done! So you spend all this money on clothing that you cannot wear again--this can’t be life right?

You might have heard of Rent the Runway when J. Hud’s character Louise had the best designer bags while maintaining the NYC life and stretching her dollars. But like me, you might have gotten side-tracked with all the Carrie drama we love and unsurprisingly forgotten to check the site out altogether. Or maybe you totally bookmarked the site and have since strutted your designer self down every street turned catwalk available to you. 

Either way, had you considered using Rent the Runway for all of your bride-to-be outfits? This is a complete win-win because you get the best of all worlds- affordable, designer duds and accessories that won’t sit in your closet for ages before you give in and force yourself to give away.

To those who are hesitant to drop the money on something that they have to give back- I hear you- but consider all of the other added benefits: shop from home, delivery to your front door, no hassles searching for sales or rack after rack in a mall filled with people who don’t care that you’re pressed for time and patience. The latter is sufficient reason for me- I’m sold! 

Bridal headpieces and belts are also available and I can only imagine that selection will only continue to grow. 

But wait! There's more!

With their new Unlimited subscription option you can get an endless number of amazing pieces for only $139 monthly.  Granted you can only rent up 3 items at a time, but this is still a crazy good deal!

Now don’t hoard this info! Share it with your bridesmaids- who will be with you at all of those events and well, you need your girls to look amazing too!