My name is Michelle Perez and I cry at weddings.

Michelle Perez Events | Wedding Planner, Event Coordinator & Florist

Even with the nearly 50 weddings under my belt, I cannot help it. Watching a father give his little girl away or the new couple sharing their first dance tugs at all my heartstrings.  Let’s not even talk about the parent dances. 

I am unashamed to carry tissues for myself at every wedding I work.

I have tried every trick to avoid the tears or mask them but inevitably one of the guests will always catch me and we’ll share our own special moment.  They will sympathize and I will giggle while wiping my face.  This used to be an embarrassing moment but I have learned that this is one of the best parts about me as a person.  At this point, my clients are my friends.  And as far as I am concerned I am a part of their story- afterwards their thank you notes confirm that I’m right.

The truth is I have always been “the sensitive one”.  The negative connotation of this tortured me all my life.  I never knew how to control those darn tears and no matter how much others tried to “toughen me up” I remained unchanged.  

The funny thing is that the one thing I disliked most about myself growing up is one of the things I love the most about myself now as an adult.  The fact that others' special moments are felt on such a deep level with me is a beautiful thing. Being "sensitive" allows me to connect to people in more meaningful ways because I can empathize and whole-heartedly place myself in their shoes.  

I hope I never lose that. I hope you, dear reader, never hope to get rid of or hide the very parts of you that make YOU.