Leap Day, Leap Year – I leapt into my purpose

So I did it. In a matter of two weeks I got all of my remaining affairs in order and turned my life around 180 degrees.  Taking a huge leap of faith I left my corporate job at Fortune 500 Company where I had enjoyed the comforts of stability and regular pay checks for almost 7 years.  I left to launch my dream business as an event planner and floral designer.  I jumped headfirst to join the ranks of awesome Girlbosses I admired for years.

Michelle Perez Events | Wedding Planner, Event Coordinator & Florist

Ironically enough the decision wasn’t difficult at all. It was among the top 2 easiest but huge decisions I have made- the other was quitting law school (more on that later).  The itch to leave corporate was pretty intense for the last few years but fear and uncertainty kept me playing it safe. It all came to a head when it was made very clear that this political corporate environment was affecting my health and wasting my creativity, topped off by the fact that I felt an intense call to pursue my dream right then.

Like right now, no questions, like Nike- Just do it, like all the greats before me -JUMP.

God has a funny way of rearranging my life or in effect turning it upside down so that I have to make a decision- usually the exact decision I was stalling to make. All of the fears I had are still there somewhere but my faith far outweighs them

In a way, I feel I was reborn.  I literally feel like a new person.  I have no idea what the future has in store for me but I have to say that’s the most exciting part. There really are no limits to where I can go now, whom I can help and what my business evolves into.

The joy of getting to wake up every morning and doing exactly what I want to do is amazing. Cheers to all of the fearless entrepreneurs before me and to those coming after me! 

Signing off to go play with some flowers :)