New Jersey Wedding Venue Search

Want a non-traditional wedding in New Jersey?

Looking to stray from the typical banquet halls? Not to worry, this wedding planner has got you covered! Join me for a weekly blog series where I will share a bunch of offbeat, contemporary and even secret venues where you can host your perfect wedding.

The possibilities are endless with a non-traditional venue! Everything from the schedule of events to the style and themes, you can design a wedding that is true to you and your love. Flexibility is key when you want to avoid the run of the mill and host a unique wedding. These venues allow you to imagine and create with little restraint- besides your budget that is. 

Brookmill Farm| Lambertville, NJ

Alicia Savoly Photography

Is a beautiful estate home so you not only get a beautiful wedding venue but a weekend retreat for up to 16 guests to enjoy. The magnificent gardens and landscaping offer up gorgeous backdrops for your wedding photos. As you already know I am all about the photo ops and this place has more than you can ask for. 

The perfect garden location that also offers amazing pricing is a win in my book.