3 Beautiful Outdoor Wedding Venues in Pennsylvania

Wanting a non-traditional wedding in Pennsylvania?

Looking to stray from the typical banquet halls? Not to worry, this wedding planner has got you covered! Join me for a weekly blog series where I will share a bunch of offbeat, contemporary and even secret venues where you can host your perfect wedding.

The possibilities are endless with a non-traditional venue! Everything from the schedule of events to the style and themes, you can design a wedding that is true to you and your love. Flexibility is key when you want to avoid the run of the mill and host a unique wedding. These venues allow you to imagine and create with little restraint- besides your budget that is. 


Rodale Institute | Kutztown, PA

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If you're planning a full wedding weekend this a great option. When looking for wedding weekend venue versatility is key. 

The barn at Rodale Institute was built in 1846, but don't let its age fool you. It can hold up to 200 guests comfortably. It oversize red barn doors and sloping hill make it an idyllic setting for a wedding. Your guests get the full experience of a farm wedding from the time they step out of their car where tractor drawn trolley transports your guests to and fro.

The Garden Pavillion is surrounded by lush gardens and shelters guests from inclement weather. This space is great for the cocktail hour, welcome/rehearsal dinner and/or day after brunch. 


Historic Poole Forge | Narvon, PA

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The lush grounds of the Historic Poole Forge grounds are the perfect backdrop for an outdoor wedding. This venue has multiple locations to host a ceremony and can accommodate up to 2 large tents for an open air reception. 



Awbury Arboretum | Philadelphia, PA

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 The Awbury Arboretum offers the option of a small wedding inside of the historic Francis Cope House or a larger wedding celebrated under a tent. For tent weddings the house is the perfect location for the bridal party to get ready in. With a tent, this venue maxes out at 200 guests and hosts up to 70 inside the house. So you have options to break up the cocktail hour and reception with the addition of a tent outside.  The wraparound porch welcomes guests and can also be used to host the cocktail hour. Can you imagine this venue in the fall?!

3 Ways Wedding Planners Help Your Budget

Whether your wedding budget is funded by Daddy Warbucks or not- a wedding planner is the number one way to stay within any given budget. Not only does the expertise come in handy for everything from etiquette to décor- you also get a no-holds bar advocate who will make sure that you get the best pricing and highest quality vendors. Staying on budget doesn't have to mean you're pinching pennies. It's more about making sure you get all the important elements at prices you won't later regret! Check out these 3 ways a good wedding planner can keep you on budget.

Vendor Connections

As soon as you hire a wedding planner you gain instant access to a virtual Rolodex of wedding industry professionals of equal or higher caliber.  All the time spent researching vendors is now freed up and you get the peace of mind that your wedding will look and feel exactly how you want it to. The caveat to all of this is obviously that you do the upfront research on your wedding planner to make sure he or she has great reviews and reputation.

Negotiate contracts and pricing

A wedding planner will negotiate pricing on your behalf ensuring the best “bang for your buck” so to speak. The vendor connections come in to play again because the relationships your wedding planner has with other vendors will impact their pricing on items and services. Other than reducing the number of people you invite, this is hands down the best way to stay within budget.

Do it right the first time

How many times have you taken on a seemingly simple project and have inevitably been forced to quit or start over? A wedding planner can either take these projects on herself and complete efficiently based on her expertise or source the appropriate vendor to do it right the first time.  Alternatively, let’s say you hired a photographer but were not impressed with the engagement shoot and you no longer want them for your wedding.  A wedding planner would have saved you the time, energy and money by helping you secure the perfect photographer at the perfect price.