Here’s Why: Wedding Guest Attire doesn’t have to be stressful

Let’s face it- figuring out what to wear to a wedding isn’t rocket science but there is definitely a method to figure out precisely what to wear so that you’re not under or over-dressed. Selecting the perfect-outfit-to-stand-out-and-strut-your-stuff but also in-line with what everyone else is wearing so you don’t-stick-out-like-a-sore-thumb-can be tricky. With a little help from my friends at The Black Tux, here are some surefire ways to make sure you’re a mainstay at the photobooth and have plenty of selfie options to choose from. They even created a quick reference guide to for us to use.. see below ;)

1.     Start with the invite.

This is the best way to figure out if the formality of the celebration.  But how on earth do you figure that out if they don’t explicitly name it on the invite? Couples will match their invites to the themes of their wedding so observing the design and other content of the invite is your next best way to decide.  Here are some good ways to decipher:

a.     Wow-factor when you open the invite.. is it in a lot of special envelopes or boxes, heavy cardstock, was it specially delivered?

b.     Font. Is it clean and precise or fancy script?

c.      Design. Does it look beachy, earthy or super elegant?

d.     Location. Is the wedding at a farm, beach, traditional wedding banquet hall or at a swanky hotel or venue? (doesn’t hurt to let Google help you with this one) Also, note that this one isn’t the definitive answer- I have planned Black Tie weddings on farms in the past.

Note: Most couples will denote on the invite when the wedding is Black Tie optional or above.

2.     Once you’ve figured out all the formality stuff you’ll want to consider where to shop and colors.

My top recommendations are Rent the Runway and The Black Tux. If you’ve been following my blog, you might remember I wrote about how amazing Rent the Runway is for ladies – everyone from the bride to the bridesmaids and guests. It is the answer to the age-old problem- “I’m probably not gonna wear this outfit again after I’ve been photographed in it.” Why not rent it a- avoid paying an arm and a leg to then store in your closet, all the while lying to yourself about finding somewhere else to wear it to! Ladies- I’ve done my girl code due diligence. 

Now for the fellas- The Black Tux, is the answer for you as well.. I’m sure you have had to take time out of your busy schedule in the past to go and get fitted for a suit, then had to pick it up and then had to take almost the same amount of time after wearing it to drop it back off at the rental store. With The Black Tux, you don’t have to do any of that. Measure yourself at home, have your very own Fit Specialist check your measurements, try it on a week before the event date and mail back when you’re done. Voila! Not only was it easy but you will be the dapperest wedding date of all.. Yes, dapperest is a new word.. Feel free to use ;)

Now, on to color. Although I tend to go dark, don’t be afraid of color. This is one of the best ways to play up your personality.  Coordinating with the season is a great way to stay on trend and make sure you don’t become that sore thumb I mentioned earlier.

Patterns are another great way to show off your style and coordinate with your date.  Just keep the formality in mind when choosing so that you make sure to stand out in a good way!

3.     Coordinating with your date.

Please do not go crazy matching with your date. By this I mean- avoid reminiscing prom at all costs! Pick 1 color that you can both incorporate in your outfits in subtle ways. If that color is the main color of the lady for example- it can be a complimentary color for the guy with subtle pops in his outfit. A good alternative is to use shades of the same color- but again don’t go crazy.

4.     Comfort is key. Do’s and Don’ts

a.     Don’t wear an outfit you can’t dance in let alone breathe in!

b.     Do bring spare shoes to change into.

c.      Don’t forget a pashmina, bolero or jacket for early spring and late fall affairs.

d.     Do find the perfect pocketbook to hold all the necessities.

That’s all I got for now guys! Hope this helps you be the perfectly dressed wedding guest of your dreams. Let me know if you have any tips you’d like to share! Sharing is caring. <3