Jen Jaye & Dan Janiszewski

I had a specific vision (as most brides do) about what I wanted our centerpieces to look like.  I had spent the weeks leading up to the big day crafting and trying out different looks.  When I had finally decided on “the” look, I sent it over to Michelle, hoping she’d be able to recreate the look for our big day.  I didn’t get a chance to see the reception until we came in for our first dance, and the room looked absolutely perfect. She was not only able to recreate the look we had wanted but made decisions about other little decorative touches to finish off the look. We were so happy.

Michelle was professional and incredibly efficient. She is down-to-business and does a great job getting things done – I loved that about working with her!  We had so many moving parts to our décor. Certain pieces were required for both the ceremony and the reception.  I most appreciated her candor and straight-forward manner. I had not been clear about a piece that I wanted at the ceremony (our unorthodox ceremony meant that our modified ketubah during the ceremony would double as the guest book at the reception) and when I mentioned that it was missing during the ceremony, Michelle apologized for the error and continued to make the rest of our night absolutely perfect.  Her response was so professional and deft.

Michelle is very businesslike and SO attentive to every detail. She will also go above and beyond to make sure your day is just as planned and then some. At the end of the night, she even personally delivered some straggling gifts straight to our hotel room and had worked with the hotel to store our decorations in a storage room.  She even made sure we got the top tier of our cake and left it in the fridge for us (something I hadn’t even thought about)! Michelle was an indispensable asset to our wedding experience and is very highly recommended.